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Social Media Marketing is another field of technical expertise for Agile Web. We run Social Media Campaigns on Social Media Platforms since 2012.

Set up Goals

Together, we design a unique Communication Strategy to achieve your business goals based on your budget and specific requirements.

Unique Creative

Captivate your audience with unique messages and visuals, that define your brand, your values and your products while differentiating you from competition.

Identify your Audience

Based on your specific business needs, the goals we set up and your budget we can now define our target audience.

Campaign Execution

Run a single or multiple ad campaigns, get immediate feedback from your audience, optimize and repeat for achieving the best possible results.


Social Media Marketing


Account Set Up

After choosing the Social Media Platforms that correspond to the nature of your business, we set up your account, taking all necessary actions to positively trigger each platforms unique algorithms.


Content Creation

Once your accounts are set up we need to add the Content. Content is King, and it comes in multiple formats. This is what visitors see when they visit your storefront in Social Networks.


Running Ads

After your accounts are set up & content is loaded, we can start running ads. This is the point where you realize the power and importance of Social Networking.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising is evolutionary, powerful, it is built to stay and will continue to evolve. It is very important to choose the right platform, that fits the style of your business in order to advertise and showcase you story, but in the end all platforms serve the same purpose: bring your brand closer to your audience, communicate easily with them, gain followers, share news & updates, get feedback, quickly resolve conflicts, keep in touch, follow up. All of these processes have never been easier.

In terms of Advertising, targeting options are endless, but not out of control. You can deliver the right message to the right people and understand what they think about your brand or products, and do all these in a personalized way.

Advertising in Social Media is not separate from Search Engine Marketing and your company’s website. A winning strategy combines Social Media Marketing with Search Engine Marketing, an excellent Website and even offline actions that can also be used to add value to your online presence.

We are aware of all the details when we design Digital Marketing Strategies. It all depends on your Business Goals, the nature of the business and the Budget. Sometimes we may include everything in a unified Marketing Plan and other times we can start with one media Channel and enter other channels as we go.

This is not always the approach we recommend. If there is potential and it feels agile then this is the approach we will follow.

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